OTR Wellbeing Champion Festival 2023

Leading the Movement in Well-being

Workshop: 10:00AM Laughter Yoga
Workshop: 11:00AM Life Changing Power of Affirmations
Workshop: 1:00PM Music in Motion
Workshop: 2:00PM HeartMath for Healing & Wellbeing
Workshop: 2:45PM Open Canvas
Workshop: 3:45PM Sound Bath for Relaxation, Healing & Wellbeing
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Join us for a day of healing, self-care, art, laughter and
movement - leading the Movement in Well-being! 

Important information: 

Date: September 17, 2023 (Sunday)
Time: 10:00AM - 05:00PM
Doors open at 09:30AM
Location: The Red Box, 113 Somerset Rd, Singapore 238165
Closest MRT: Somerset

We conduct these programs to support the mental wellbeing of the larger community. To help us keep these initiatives running, your donation is appreciated and much needed. Recommended amount: $20.

Please send your donation via PayNow to: WholeTree Limited (UEN No. 201022300R), which will go towards supporting the OTR Gala 2023 event. To enjoy 250% tax deduction, please reference:

  • Your NRIC for individual donation

  • UEN for corporate donation

How to register:

  • You can choose individual workshops that are of interest to you.

  • If you like, you can register for all 6workshops.

  • To register, simply click on "Tickets" and select the workshops you would like to attend.

  • For logistics reasons, you'll need to register for each workshop separately.

  • Space limited. First come first serve.


10:00AM - Laughter Yoga

with Chusan See Toh, Holistic Healer and Life Coach, OTR Volunteer

Laughter Yoga is a fun exercise that combines deliberate laughter with movement and breathing to cultivate joy and to bring out our inner child. Laughing can provide many immediate benefits by:

  • Releasing endorphins and happy hormones like dopamine and serotonin, they lift our mood and reduce stress
  • Relieving pain, lowering blood pressure and strengthening the immune system
  • Laughing with other people can also increase social connectedness and bonding

As we grow older we tend to laugh less because we have somewhat lost our sense of humour. Little things that used to make us shriek with laughter are no longer funny.

11:00AM - Life Changing Power of Affirmations

with Monica Patel, founder of United Healing Sanctuary that fosters mental and physical health along with spiritual/personal growth.

  • Welcome Introduction

  • Guide Meditation for Deep Relaxation

  • Video on Affirmations

  • Q&A Session

  • Writing Affirmations

  • Guided Meditation

  • Takeaways

12:00PM - Break

01:00PM - Music in Motion

with Sek Sheng Foo (conscious DJ/ musician) & Julia Vasko (embodied movement facilitator)

Revel in the opportunity to understand the connection of music to body in a safe environment, explore the therapeutic power of music and movement through self-expression and mindfulness.

  • Experience how a DJ can harness the power of music and intention to take you on a multi-faceted journey of understanding and healing.

  • Coupled with Movement, experience how embodiment can help in self-acceptance and connect you deeper to your body's wisdom

  • Understand the fundamentals behind  experiential movement and the joy it brings.

02:00PM - HeartMath for Healing & Wellbeing

with Antoinette Biehlmeier, holistic health professional & founder of Inner Dynamics Map

HeartMath is a scientifically based system that aims to promote emotional well-being and enhance resilience through the power of the heart. It combines research, technology, and practical techniques to help individuals manage stress, improve mental clarity, and foster emotional balance. At the core of HeartMath is the understanding that the heart has its own intelligence and can significantly influence our overall well-being.

In this interactive workshop, you will learn two HeartMath Techniques to create more ease and inner calm in your life, have more energy and more appreciation for yourself and others. 

She's the founder of Inner Dynamics Map that helps her clients to overcome personal challenges to live more authentic and fulfilling lives.

02:45PM - Open Canvas

with Yee Ling Chow, artist, professional counsellor, yoga practitioner, OTR co-founder

Every one wants to be happy, to love, to be loved, to connect, to create. And when we create something with our heart that reflects our inner yearnings - our soul finds creative fulfilment. Creativity expressed via an open canvas via artistic expressions in a safe space together opens the door to our heart and mind - helps connect to ourselves and to others - using colours and shape - shaped by our hope and our dreams - fuelled by the imagination.

03:45PM - Sound Bath for Relaxation, Healing & Wellbeing

with Raymond Yap, experienced corporate trainer, executive coach, mentor and sound master

A Sound Bath session will be presented to balance your physical, emotional and mental systems, to restore a sense of harmony, deepen relaxation, lower stress and anxiety, improve your mood and well-being. 

04:30PM - The End

Date & Time

September 17, 2023

10:00 AM 5:00 PM Asia/Singapore

The Red Box, 113 Somerset Road, Singapore 238165

--The Red Box, 113 Somerset Road, Singapore 238165--
--The Red Box, 113 Somerset Road, Singapore 238165--
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