OTR Listens Volunteer Training: Foundation (Group M)

OTR Listens Foundation
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In moments of distress, we all need someone who can truly understand and accept our experiences without judgment. The OTR Listens Foundation Training prepares you to become that compassionate listener our world needs. Inspired by Adele Faber's wisdom, "What people need in distress is someone to recognize their experiences," you'll practice empathetic listening skills, learn to embrace individuality, ask insightful questions, and understand the power of silence. Gain invaluable insights into mental health, suicide awareness, and navigate sensitive conversations with confidence. Through hands-on practice, you'll get equipped to make a lasting impact on those seeking support.

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Date & Time

August 3, 2024

Start - 9:00 AM Sunday

August 4, 2024

End - 6:00 PM Asia/Singapore

The School of Positive Psychology

61 Stamford Road
Singapore 470716
--The School of Positive Psychology--
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